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A Warning to Submissive (Jewish) Women

A Warning to Submissive (Jewish) Women

Basic information for those who want to be safe and informed:

A Jewish Dominant con artist is scouring the internet daily using fake accounts to meet and/or stalk women - especially (but not limited to) SUBMISSIVE JEWISH WOMEN IN THE NYC AREA. This man has not been accused of any crime to my knowledge and he is NOT a sex offender or violent criminal.

This notice is simply to serve as an alert of this threat lurking in our community and I can offer limited but useful information only to those who request support in identifying whether they have potentially come into contact with this compulsive liar, cheater, (anonymous, unsafe) sex addict, and possible borderline sociopath.

You might never suspect that your charming, shy, intelligent suitor is keeping deceitful secrets, lying like he's breathing air, hiding an unforgivable past, or even leading a double life. But I would encourage you to be responsible and make a fully informed decision.

If your partner ....

  • Lives in Brooklyn
  • Works in an education-related field
  • has dark hair and eyes
  • is in his mid 40's
  • is 5'8 / 5'9
  • is a Divorced parent
  • TBD

Send message to contact@kinkyjews.com. I cannot reveal personal information such as full name, address, etc,. but I can try to help you confirm whether this could potentially be the same dangerous man that has conned several other Jewish women in the fetish community in New York and elsewhere.

This will remain completely confidential.