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jewish gangsters walking tour

posted Dec 3, 2008, 7:19 AM by KinkyJews Admin   [ updated Dec 21, 2008, 7:06 AM ]
December 13th: the premier of Gideon's JEWISH GANGSTERS WALKING TOUR!

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There was once a time when being a gangster on the Lower East Side was just another word for being "one'a da b'hoys." A drinker, brawler, a working man, and a fine-dressed chap who knew his buddies had his back if there was ever a throw-down.

Then came the Jews.

Beause for the Jewish Gangsters, it wasn't about bravado. It wasn't about everyone knowing that you were a tough guy, or a man's man. These gangsters, who knew the tales of their parents being forced out of Russia or Lithuania by the Cossacks, who sweated and slaved in factories or behind pushcarts for a few cents a day. This new generation of Gangsters knew exactly what it was all about: Business. Ruthless, unapologetic business. And nothing more.

So come with me on a jaunt through the Lower East Side, and learn all about Arnold Rothstein's gambling exploits; the gang war between Monk Eastman's Gang and Paul Kelly's Five Pointers; the legendary partnership between Meyer Lansky and Bugsy Siegel, and the founding of the syndicate that transformed Las Vegas into the gambling empire it is today and ran Cuba throughout the 1950's, inspiring "Hyman Roth" and "Moe Green" from the Godfather films.

December 13th
5pm (ends at 7pm)
In front of the Eldridge st synagogue, 197 Eldridge st between Canal & E Broadway.
$15 per person.

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(More December events listed below!)